Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome to Mathtopia!!!

Welcome students!!!!,
I created this blog specifically for you to use as a tool for studying and for assisstance with what we are currently learning in class. In this blog I have posted a PowerPoint and a video as study resources, some activities for extended practice, and also two homework assignments that will be completed on this blog. Since this is your first visit to our page, I would like to start out by laying down some ground rules.
1. No obscence words or yelling (typing in all capital letters) is allowed.
2. Be kind to others when responding to posts, treat others with the respect that you would like to be given.
3. No plagarism allowed. If you use someones ideas, please site the source and give credit where it is due.
4. Please submit full name and class period with all posts.
For the first post I would like for everyone to introduce themselves, give their names and tell something special about yourself that no one else knows. To post a comment to this page, click the title above (Welcome to Mathopia), and a text editing box will appear directly under my this post. Type the required material in the box then click post comment to post you comment to the blog. This will be the same procedure for all posts after this so feel free to ask questions about anything you do not understand.

Homework # 1

Hello Students,
How did class go today? I hope it went well for all of you!!! I enjoy seeing you guys everyday. In this post I will give you directions for your first blog homework. As discussed in class, fractions are all around us everyday and are used constantly to help us. In light of this truth, your assignment for this post will be to find a profession in which fractions are used everyday. Once you have found that profession, provide an example of how a fraction is a vital part of the profession. You can also add videos, pictures, or anything that will enhance everyones understanding of your explaination. The sky is the limit and be creative!!!!. May I also remind you to choose appropriate professions and to give credit where it is due when you use materials created by someone else. Good luck, and you will have till 12:00 PM midnight of the day this is assignment is given to you to post it. Any late posts will recieve partial credit.

Resource # 1

Greetings Students,
In this post I have included a video with lessons on how to multiply and divide fractions. This video is a wonderful resource for help if you can not remember what we discovered together in class. Please feel free to view this video as often as you like. The more you watch it, the better you will be able to perform these operations. Remember practice is the key that opens the treasure box of success. Video was found on and is property of

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Homework # 2

Hello Students!!!!,
In this post I have included a fun game that will help you with simplifying a fraction to its simpliest form. Complete the game a few times and return to the blog and post your highest score. In addition to the highest score post your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to simplifying fractions. Be sure to include you full name and period with your post. You will have until 12:00 PM midnight of the day I assign this to you, to post your replies. All late posts will recieve partial credit. Click here to begin the game.
Game is property of, LLC. Copyright 2008-2009.

Activity # 1

Hello Students!!!!,
In this post I have included a link to some practice problems on multiplying fractions and a video on how to divide fractions. Complete these activities, return to this blog, post what you found most difficult and what you found the easiest about these problems. Feel free to discuss any concerns with fellow classmates. Remember to include you name and class period with the post. Click here for the practice problems and click here for the video. " Multiplying Fractions " and " How to Divide Fractions " are property of Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved.

Activity # 2

Hello Students!!!!,
In this post I have provided a link to some activities to give you some extended practice with fractions. Complete every part from the Introduction to Part 6, including all of the "More Practice" sections. After completing these, come back to the blog and post what you found most difficult and the most easy about completing these problems. Feel free to ask each other for help and to discuss the concepts if needed. Be sure to remember to include your full name and class period with post. Click here to begin. " Who Wants Pizza? " is property of Cythia Lanius Copyright 2000-2008.

Resource # 2

Hello students!!!
In this post I have included a copy of the PowerPoint slides I presented in class. I posted this just in case you you need to look back at it for extra help.
Adams Vanessa P1

If you need to change the resolution of the slides, click either the "+" or "-" buttons on the bottom of the PowerPoint where it says "Zoom" . Also there are other modes in which to view the PowerPoint if the slide view is not working. On the bottom left hand of the PowerPoint, click the drop down box where it says "Slide". From here you can select from the "Book" and "List" view modes if needed.